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Holiday travel can be a total nightmare. Let’s be honest, all travel can be a nightmare. I should know, I traveled every week for work for the last 3 years. However, I learned a lot of great ways to pack more than you can imagine in a carry-on.

This is my TravelPro 22-inch carry-on luggage. It’s the best luggage I’ve ever used. This thing has literally been all over the world with me. It’s been to Europe twice, the Virgin Islands, half of America. I once packed enough in this thing to spend three weeks working in New York City and with a weekend in St. Thomas thrown in for good measure.


TravelPro Carry-on

I’m going to give you some of my best tips for holiday travel and how to get 10 outfits in this bag. We could fit more if we wanted to, but unless you are going to the Golden Globes for your holiday celebration, this should be good.


Plaid Shirt // Cream Sweater // Hunter Boots // Lululemon Pants // White T-Shirt // Black Jumpsuit // Leather Skirt // Black Silk Top

My first recommendation is stick to silk blouses or thinner material. This makes packing multiple outfits so much easier. I roll pretty much all of my clothes to pack them. And rolling silk blouses is not only great for space, but when you take them out, you unroll and they shouldn’t be wrinkled at all; if they are, just hang them up and in no time the wrinkles will fall out.

Since you will be going to holiday celebrations during your travels, you’ll want some party outfits. My favorite thing this season is jumpsuits. I’m so into the look of them and how easy they are to pair with any shoes, jewelry, hair. They are also great for your luggage, because you can roll them up and they take up little space.



My next tip is to coordinate your outfits to go with as few pairs of shoes as possible. I try to make sure all of my outfits go with a nice pair of black heels, a pair of flats, and a pair of boots. Wear your boots while traveling, they are easy to take off and put on at the airport. They are the biggest piece of your wardrobe for your trip, so just wear them on the plane/train/car/covered wagon.

For packing your shoes in your luggage, use a shoe bag to keep them from touching your clothes and from getting scratched by anything in your luggage.


While you are coordinating shoes, coordinate your jewelry as well. It’s so much easier to take fewer pieces and make it work with all of your outfits than to pay for and lug a giant checked bag around.

Also consider putting any good jewelry in your tote bag or purse. You never know when they will run out of overhead space or you may end up on the world’s tiniest plane and have to gate check your luggage. You don’t want to go through your luggage at the gate to get your jewelry out, so I tend to keep mine in my tote bag.


Gold Necklace // Link Bracelet // Bangle

Also consider what your hair situation is when traveling. I tend to only use a curling iron, so I only have to take one thing with me. I’d recommend just committing to either a curling iron or straightener, but not both. It’s just a lot of hassle and not worth trying to fit it all in your bag.


Minimize your makeup routine as well. I like to carry all of my makeup in one small makeup bag and I keep liquids in a clear plastic makeup bag. I know, you’re like but they tell you to use a ziploc bag?! As long as you have a clear, reasonably sized bag, TSA should be happy. I’ve been using this clear makeup bag for about 2 years and have yet to encounter any airport that had a problem with it.



Ted Baker Makeup Bag // Kate Spade Makeup Bag // Clear Liquids Bag

Any clothing that can’t be rolled up, like sweaters, just get folded and laid on top of my rolled clothes.


If you want multiple sweaters, I suggest wearing one of them while you travel, along with your boots. Always try to wear the stuff that will take up the most space, that way you have plenty of room to purchase new amazing things.

Just look at all that extra space! You can pack more, but I suggest leaving some room so you can buy new goodies or bring home any presents. The great thing about this bag is that the expansion on it is great, so that if you happen to maybe buy too much and need more space and want to check your bag, this baby can give you what you want. Not that I’ve ever bought so much stuff that I had to use the expander……



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  1. Erin B. wrote:

    You have got to be kidding me about the clear plastic travel bag. Do you know how many quart size bags I’ve tried to stuff with my essentials? Do you think it has to be a certain size? Also…you apparently have never seen me try to get a pair of boots on and off these extra wide calves lol. I would have to enlist the help of a few TSA agents…

    Posted 12.15.14 Reply


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