February Reading List

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I’ve been really slacking lately on sharing my reading lists which is completely ridiculous because I’ve actually been reading tons. One of my goals for this year is to read for 20 minutes every night before bed. I want to get away from being on my phone at night and get back to reading books more frequently. That means I’ll hopefully have lots more reading lists for you guys this year!

I’ve kind of started the year off on reading more career oriented/lifestyle books. I just picked up a few good ones not included here, but I’m most excited to read You Are A Badass which I’ve been wanting to read for a while. I just feel like I’ve been lacking some motivation lately and need to get back in the mindset of being able to do 100 things at once. What can I say, I worked a ton over the holidays and now I’m kind of feeling the burnout. I’m going to try to self-help my way out of it for now.

1 When Breath Becomes Air

I actually just heard about this book from a friend at work. It’s written by a neurosurgeon who has just been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. It’s a look at the meaning of life when you are no longer working towards the future, but living in a constant present. It’s supposed to be a great take on being more present and really a look at the question what makes life worth living? I’m actually really looking forward to reading this despite the heavy topic.

2 L’art de la Simplicité

I’m always looking for books about simplifying your life. I talked last year a lot about having read Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It really did change the way I organize things and the way I look at buying new things. I’m really excited to read L’art de la Simplicité because it’s similar, but it not only looks at organizing your home, but your whole life. It includes ways to tidy up, as well as how to have more money, eat better and lose weight, and how to calm your mind to get rid of anxiety. All of these things I am totally on board with reading more about, so I can’t wait to dive in to this one. Plus it’s French and you know I’d do anything to make my life more French.

3 In The Company of Women

So. Many. Girlbosses. This is next on my list to grab from the store because I can’t wait to get some motivation from it. It’s full of advice and anecdotes from 100 women from all different backgrounds and careers. I love anything with advice from other women for women. I’m a huge fan of community over competition because women get ahead by helping each other, not by competing.

4 Sweetbitter

A novel about Tess, a 22 year old woman who has just moved to New York City and working in the best restaurant in NYC. It’s about her experience learning the culinary world of NYC and living life in New York. Of course there’s also a love triangle because why wouldn’t there be. I’ve heard tons of good things about this novel and it’s definitely my February fun read. I think it would be perfect for heading somewhere warmer later this month.

5 The Hopefuls

OK, so this isn’t technically on my reading list for February, but it should be on yours! I read this a few months ago and actually read it again over the holidays because I just love it. It’s about a young couple, Beth and Matt, who have just moved to Washington D.C. for his career. While Matt is living in the world of politics, Beth is trying to fit in to a new city and find a job. Matt’s friend Jimmy and his wife Ashleigh quickly become their best friends, but Jimmy’s career takes of much faster than Matt’s. It’s a great story about jealousy, fitting in, and ambition. I loved what an honest look at marriage it gave and the writing is so relatable. I recommend this book to all my friends who have asked lately.

6 It’s All Good

If your New Year’s resolutions are to get healthier, this cookbook is a great one to pick up. I’ve had a few people recommend it to me lately, so I’m definitely going to be getting it. I’ve flipped through it before briefly, but now that I know a few people who have made some of the recipes and told me how good they are, I’m going to try some myself. It’s great if you are on an elimination diet or if you are looking to just cut out a lot of things for a few meals a week. The recipes in this cut out a ton of stuff, similar to Whole30; sugar, wheat, coffee, alcohol, dairy, eggs, meat, shellfish, and deepwater fish. I think deepwater fish is like swordfish, etc. Luckily, there’s not a real big market for getting deepwater fish in the Midwest. I’ve actually heard shellfish should be avoided or limited in general because they can be full of toxins since they are scavengers and likely to eat some super gross stuff. I’m not a nutritionist, so take my word for what it’s worth; someone who has the Internet. I’m really just looking forward to adding more plant-based meals to my weekly meals.

Are there any books you’re reading right now or dying to read? I’m always looking for suggestions. Leave them in the comments!

xo – Tracy

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  1. I LOVE everything about It’s All Good. The whole aesthetic of the book is so natural and effortless. And definitely adding The Hopefuls to my list — not just because the cover is adorable. 😉 Thank you for the recommendations! I’m slowly reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown — it’s so good.

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