The number one question I get, what type of dog is Chuck?

Chuck is a Morkie; a mix of a Maltese and Yorkie. He’s 9 years old, but 2 years old at heart.

Who takes your photos?

I’d love to have a really inspiring answer to this, like my boyfriend is a photographer for Vogue. Not to break the fantasy, but I take all the photos on the blog with the exception of the ones I’m in. I work with a few photographers for outfit photos or if I’m traveling I make my sister/friend/whoever I find take snaps.

What kind of camera do you use?

I use the Fujifilm x-t1 which is a mirrorless camera. It’s lighter than a traditional DSLR and more weather resistant which makes it great for travel. It also has wi-fi so I can send pictures to my phone immediately which is great.

Have you always lived in St. Louis? Where did you go to high school?

No. I grew up in southern Illinois and got my BBA in Accounting/Management and my MBA at McKendree University just outside of St. Louis. I started my career in consulting after graduating and I worked in New York for about a year. After that I moved to the Houston, TX office for a few years. About 3 years ago I moved back to St. Louis and live in Clayton. And for the record, ‘where did you go to high school’ is the dumbest St. Louis thing out of all the dumb St. Louis things that exist.

Why did you start a blog? What does A Study in Chic mean?

I have always loved fashion, interior design, and especially food. I was so often asked about my clothing, personal style, and home decor, I thought why not start a blog. I’ve followed lots of blogs for years and loved the idea of doing something creative with my free time. Once I moved back to St. Louis and was working at job that didn’t require 100% travel and working 80 hours a week, I had the time to finally start the blog.

A Study in Chic is really about living a chic life and the changing definition of what’s chic. As I get older, as I read more, as I have more life experiences, the definition of chic will expand, but it’s really about a timeless, classic lifestyle. It also comes from my love of Sherlock and being a true fangirl. The first episode is A Study in Pink, which is also the first case Watson blogs about. Yeah, it’s true, I’m a huge nerd.

Do you make money from your blog?

While the blog started as a hobby at first, it has become a “job”. I still have my 9-5 career, but working on the blog provides income.

I fund the blog through affiliate programs and partnerships with brands. Any of the links or product widgets you see are affiliate links which pay a small percentage based on your purchase through those links. This way readers don’t pay anything for content, but the companies share a small percentage of their sales with me.

If I feature a sponsored post, I will definitely say so in the post. While I may be paid for the time and effort of a post, I will never write anything I don’t truly believe. I’ve turned down opportunities for just this reason.

What’s your diet and exercise routine?

I try to eat clean on an 85/15 system. I eat clean for all but 3 meals a week. I usually have at least one night a week with dinner out, with friends, an event, etc. I also just really love Qdoba and couldn’t exist without queso for one meal a week. I cook most weeknights, so by Friday or Saturday night I’m just over cooking. When I say I eat clean, I usually make roasted vegetables like brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and I love to eat fish. Besides my love of cheese, I don’t really do dairy; no cow’s milk, yogurt, etc. I use coconut milk in my coffee instead.

I like to do group classes because I’m honestly so lazy I just need someone to tell me what to do for an hour. My favorite is Barre3 which I can also do online if I can’t get to the studio every day. You don’t need any equipment so it also makes it great for travel. I definitely feel like it’s lengthened my figure and made me stronger and leaner. It’s also a group class where everyone is kind of doing the same thing but modifying it to work for them, so it’s pretty low pressure if you’ve never done a group class.

I have more questions!

If you have more questions, feel free to ask in the comments or on social media.

You can also send me an e-mail (tracy@striped-flowers.flywheelstaging.com), but know it may take a day or two to get back to you!


  • I did not decorate for the holidays this year but I did rearrange this bookshelf which was probably more work.😐 I also realized that publishers do not care if hardcover books are ugly under the jacket until I decided to remove every book jacket looking for black and white books. This is a very specific problem few of you will relate to. So when I publish a future book please be assured it will be black or white. πŸ–€πŸ€ #tlcdisco
  • The first Sunday that really felt like summer this year. ✨ Not pictured: a napping dog after 74 walks. πŸΆβ˜€οΈ#tlcdisco .
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  • You know your closet has the right amount of sequins when golden hour becomes disco hour. βœ¨πŸ’• #tlcdisco .
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  • You can find us here all weekend 🐢✨ #weekendmoments #TLCdisco
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  • Our evening disco light is getting shorter each night. Can summer just stick around all year? ✨ #TLCdisco .
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