Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Oats

I want to start by saying this recipe is relatively good for you so I can’t really say I condone this type of behavior, but it’s a necessary evil between rounds of cheese fries.

I’m making a (somewhat) serious attempt at being a healthier human and to do that I’m taking baby steps. Eating breakfast in the mornings is my first step because it seems easy enough right? Also, waffles happen at breakfast.

Since waffles shockingly aren’t a healthy option for breakfast every single day, I thought I’d try these overnight oats since apparently everyone but me has been into this for a while now.

DSC_1340This is actually really easy to make the night before and doesn’t take much time.

You’re going to need…

3/4 cup Almond Milk — I used Vanilla because that’s what I like, you can use whatever kind of milk you want

1/2 cup plain low-fat Greek yogurt or 1 mashed banana or applesauce – I used the mashed banana because bananas are delicious

1 1/2 cup sliced strawberries

1 cup old fashioned oats

1/4 cup protein powder or additional 1/4 cup oats

1 tsp sugar/splenda/stevia/whatever fake sugar you like that isn’t actually sugar

This should make 2 servings, maybe 3 depending on how much you eat.

First, begin by smashing 1 cup of sliced strawberries in a medium bowl with a fork until they are mashed. Juice should form, which is what you want.


Next, I mashed up my banana to add to the strawberries.


Now, this is the really easy part. Seriously, just add everything else to your bowl and stir well.

You can get some tiny sous chefs to help with the measuring.

DSC_1364I used some chocolate protein powder for mine. I’m a fan of chocolate and strawberries as are most humans.






It’s going to be a little soupy when you first mix it, but stick it in the fridge overnight and it will thicken.

For the purposes of taking this to work with me, because I will certainly never be someone who wakes up early enough to eat before I leave the house, I used a few small pyrex bowls to divide it. I made two servings out of this, but it was kind of a lot so I would definitely recommend making three.


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  1. Joy Coble wrote:

    This looks really good and I need to get some tiny sous chefs !

    Posted 3.20.15 Reply
  2. Erin B. wrote:

    I use Agave Nectar or Honey, cinnamon with blueberries is my favorite. It tastes like a blueberry muffin. Also, I like to make them in a mason jar (mainly because they are cute) or tupperware because then I don’t have to dirty a spoon I can just shake it up!

    Posted 3.19.15 Reply
  3. Erin Barr wrote:

    This looks really good! I can’t wait to try it. What kind of chocolate protein powder did you use?

    Posted 3.19.15 Reply
    • Tracy wrote:

      I use Arbonne Protein Powder. It’s low in sugar and vegan, which is important to people? I don’t know, it tastes delicious. I like that it doesn’t have a fake sweet taste because I’m a real sugar kind of girl.

      Posted 3.19.15 Reply


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