April Flowers

Like most people, my weekend routine involves running to the grocery store. I’ve gotten into the habit of buying flowers each week while I’m there. I just love having fresh flowers in my apartment. Since I’ve spent the last 3 years traveling, I hadn’t been able to commit to any perishable groceries, let alone flowers.

So now that I’m home all the time, I love being able to have a routine. Now that routine involves my weekly flower purchase.

I am lucky to have a great flower selection at my grocery store, so I have loads of options. However, I tend to stick with easy to care for flowers and any that don’t require any real attention, because to be honest I absolutely do not have a green thumb.

Since I always have so many flowers around the house, I thought I’d share a few ways to style your flowers. My style tends to be more simplistic, focusing on one type of flower instead of an elaborate arrangement.




I love these pink roses. They are probably some of my favorite flowers. I especially love these flowers now because my sister used these for her wedding with a mix of other ivory flowers. They were absolutely gorgeous and now when I see these I think of my sister’s wedding. So of course I couldn’t resist picking up a bundle of these.




I think with roses, you have a few options of how to arrange them. I prefer to leave them long and pop them in this milk bottle vase. This works really well for a space like my dresser where I have some extra wall space showing between the dresser and my frames.

Another easy option is to cut them down and arrange them on their own. I love to pair them with something simple like hydrangeas.






Another option I really like is just to have hydrangeas on their own. It’s really simple and I can always find hydrangeas at the store regardless of what other flowers they have.



During Spring, one of the easiest and least expensive options to find is daffodils. I’m a huge fan of them because they are so adorable and yet so cheap. I get mine at Schnucks for about $2.50 for a bundle of 10. Trader Joes also sells them insanely cheap. They just bring a happy Spring vibe to my apartment so I like to keep them on my kitchen counter to add a little light.




My all-time favorite Spring flower has to be tulips. I just think they are so cute and have the best colors. I know a lot of people tend to have clear vases they put them in, however I like to keep them in my vintage white stoneware pitcher. I think the white really brings out the bright green leaves and color of the flowers.

I also love using a white pitcher, because I keep the elastic tied around the base of the tulips to keep them upright. I know I always have the issue of sad looking tulips when they start to fall over after a few days. My trick to stop this is to leave them tied up in the bundle. Which makes a white pitcher so cute and hiding the fact I don’t want sad tulips.






I’m not into doing big, elaborate flower arrangements. My style in terms of most things is to do one thing and do it well. I love the simplicity of picking one type of flower and just going for it. I also don’t have loads of time to fuss over big arrangements. It looks just as chic to have a simple flower arrangement as it does to go over the top.

Do you have any favorite Spring flowers or arrangements you always go to? Or any tips/tricks for flower arranging? I’m always looking for new ideas and tips since I have a bit of a black thumb…

Bedroom Mirror // Large Milk Bottle Vase // Small Milk Bottle Vase

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