Over The Knee Deep in Fall

I am simply over the moon about my new over the knee boots.


I have been on a months long quest to find the perfect pair of black suede over the knee boots that don’t make me look like I’m recreating a scene from Pretty Woman.  It’s a fine line and anyone who has tried on a pair of OTK boots knows exactly what I’m talking about. I also wasn’t emotionally or financially prepared to commit to the Stuart Weitzman boots I was really dying over. You see, I like nice things as you’ve probably figured out, but I’m also a realist; suede boots in midwest winter are not a high-dollar purchase. So I searched high and low for months in countless stores, malls, websites, and catalogues. I finally was at Nordstrom preparing myself to make the ultimate commitment to Mr. Weitzman, when I stumbled upon a very unsuspecting pair from Chinese Laundry which I got at an absolute steal.


These little babies are great because they have a suede front and a black stretch back.  So if you’re like me and all other women over the age of 13, small boots shafts can be a huge annoyance, or should I say tiny…  I don’t consider myself to have large calves, but I constantly find myself huffing and puffing over pull-on boots.  I have legitimately had to ask a man at Nordstrom’s shoe department to pull a boot off once. I was mortified for about two seconds until he was like “it’s cool, I do this about 30 times a day.”


If you live anywhere with an actual winter, which is pretty much everywhere these days, they are the perfect going out shoe. For a nighttime look, I tend to pair these with mini skirts or dresses and tights. For a more casual look, I love a sweater dress. I especially love this one from LOFT. I pretty much live in my trench coat. I wear a lot of sweaters and I feel like a trench coat isn’t viciously strangling me like a wool coat tends to do. Oh great band name, Vicious Wool Coat.


You’ll also realize pretty quickly here that I love jewelry. I tend to just wear jewelry because I like it and without a lot of thought put into it. Which means I wear a lot of the same jewelry over and over again, but it looks different with each outfit. I’m obviously a big fan of J. Crew jewelry like I’m wearing here.




Photos by Rachel O’Neal Photography

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  1. Vanessa Basler wrote:

    I love your TB purse as well. What style is this?

    Posted 12.1.14 Reply
    • Tracy wrote:

      Thanks! It’s the Robinson Double Zip Tote. It fits everything, but still looks really structured. You can get it at Nordstrom or Bloomingdales.

      Posted 12.1.14 Reply


  • I was going to get a lot done today but then my new coupes from @cb2 showed up and I am not one to ignore signs from the universe. 🍾✨ So now it’s time for rosé and Big Little Lies night. 💕
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  • I’m ready to get back to the part of summer where I need these. ☔️😎
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