Blazers Aren’t Just for the Office

The beginning of Fall will always give me that feeling of going back to school; regardless of the fact I am not in school nor am I a mother. But I don’t think I’ll ever get over the desire to…

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How To Do A Digital Detox

All day, every day we’re in front of our computers or our phones. Then when we’re done with work, we spend all evening in front of our computers, our phones, our TVs, our tablets. It’s the greatest thing ever and…


  • I did not decorate for the holidays this year but I did rearrange this bookshelf which was probably more work.😐 I also realized that publishers do not care if hardcover books are ugly under the jacket until I decided to remove every book jacket looking for black and white books. This is a very specific problem few of you will relate to. So when I publish a future book please be assured it will be black or white. 🖤🤍 #tlcdisco
  • The first Sunday that really felt like summer this year. ✨ Not pictured: a napping dog after 74 walks. 🐶☀️#tlcdisco .
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  • You know your closet has the right amount of sequins when golden hour becomes disco hour. ✨💕 #tlcdisco .
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Summer 2019 Reading List

I’ve been really lucky to have plenty of extra time to read this summer. I’ve been trying to read for just 15 minutes every day. I used to be a lot better about having plenty of time to read for…

One Outfit, Two Ways | No. 1

My style is all about fewer, better things. I like to primarily invest in really good pieces that I’m going to wear over and over again until my tailor laughs and says I absolutely won’t fix this again. So each…

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The List | No. 2

I love summer so much. I just think I’m a much better version of myself in warm weather. I also love summer style more than anything else. Probably because summer outfits are so simple and you know I’m all about…

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Clean Beauty Favorite: Nécessaire

I’m always on the lookout for new clean beauty products to try and add to my routine. I recently found Nécessaire and immediately ordered the starter kit to try. I love Nécessaire’s packaging and font which seems like a small…

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