• Finding Real Dog Food for Chuck

    One thing that’s important to me is eating real, whole foods. Over the past 8 or so months I’ve been eating a mostly plant-based diet. I take the time to meal plan every week and I’m usually at the grocery store twice a week because eating a diet of freshly prepared vegetables is that important to me. In all of… Read More

    Finding Real Dog Food for Chuck
  • Shopbop Sale Favorites

    It feels like Shopbop has been having more sales than ever lately, but I won’t complain! There are so many things I want for Spring right now, but I’m trying to keep my shopping to a minimum this month. Mainly because I know over the next few weeks I’m going to see 800 things I want and I’m trying not… Read More

    Shopbop Sale Favorites
  • Don’t Feel Bad For Wearing Black For Spring

    One of the things I used to worry about in having a neutral style was being able to wear darker colors in warm weather. I would never wear black for Spring or Summer because it just felt like I should be celebrating the return of warm weather with my brightest colors. But if you’ve noticed anything, you know I’m not… Read More

    Don’t Feel Bad For Wearing Black For Spring


black for spring


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